FDA, Congress push for safer drugs; proposals to expand drug adverse event monitoring will publicize emerging safety concerns and strengthen post-marketing compliance efforts The US Food and Drug Administration is under intense pressure to shore up public confidence in the safety and quality of prescription drugs. Drug experts are scrutinizing the risks associated with long-term use of statins, following the withdrawal and labeling changes for COX-2

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The diminishing value of the Physicians' Desk Reference and drug package inserts as a medical and legal standard of medical usage of pharmaceutical drugs In the legal arena, the Physician's Desk Reference (PDR) is often held to be the standard for medical usage of pharmaceutical drugs. (1) It is used by attorneys as a resource to support testimony that a certain adverse effect can occur with a drug and that the manufacturer or.

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The top 10% of newly marketed drugs account for half of pharmaceutical industry's net returns - Drug Cost Studies in Brief - Brief Article The top 10% of newly marketed drugs account for half of pharmaceutical industry's net returns. And only one-third of new drugs generate earnings that exceed average R&D costs. These findings are from a report published in a supplement to the journal

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New uses for old drugs: Novel therapeutic options Byline: Ujala. Verma, R. Sharma, P. Gupta, B. Kapoor, G. Bano, V. SawhneyIntroducing a new drug to the market now costs an average of US$ 897 million and is a time consuming process. Discovering new uses for the

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Official notice: the science of muscle growth has just been radically transformed forever!You gym is officially under new ownership! Looks like the same place ... but something seems different. That's because you're under the

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Gym flu: is your gym a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria? Here's how to survive the bugs - HealthIf someone has a common cold, it's common courtesy that he work out at home. Any crowded communal space is a giant petri dish for germs, especially the cold-causing rhinovirus. At gyms, factor in dozens of

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