Q: Have pharmaceutical companies been unfair to American consumers? No: What U.S. consumers pay for medicines is far outweighed by the lives saved and extended by new drugs coming from the R&D pipeline - SYMPOSIUM Modern medicines may not all be miracles but they certainly work wonders. Prescription medicines provide the best value in health care. They not only save lives, they save money. They reduce the costs of other more expensive forms of health care and keep patients out of

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Regulating Vitamins; Under proposed legislation dressed up as a public-safety concern, the standard for natural dietary supplements would be set far above that for highly profitable drugs being pushed by pharmaceutical giants - Senator Richard Durbin's Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2003 - Cover Story The age-old, surefire call to regulate is being trumpeted once more in the interest of "public safety." This time it is to keep the public safe from those infamous killers vitamin pills. Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) has introduced legislation that effectively would give the Food and Drug

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Plunder drugs: why Americans believe they have to put up with pharmaceutical profiteering have only two regrets over the life I led in my twenties. I should have gone on that sailing trip to the South Pacific with a group of entomologists seeking to study the insects on the exotic Marquesas Islands, instead of rushing back to "college after my year off. My other

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The business: things get worse and worse for the drugs companies. On top of growing resistance to their high prices come more doubts about their products' side effects I interviewed a City fund manager the other day who is so bearish about the prospects for the world pharmaceutical industry that he won't give house room in his portfolio to a single drug company share.

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Official notice

Official notice: the science of muscle growth has just been radically transformed forever!You gym is officially under new ownership! Looks like the same place ... but something seems different. That's because you're under the

Gym flu: is your gym

Gym flu: is your gym a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria? Here's how to survive the bugs - HealthIf someone has a common cold, it's common courtesy that he work out at home. Any crowded communal space is a giant petri dish for germs, especially the cold-causing rhinovirus. At gyms, factor in dozens of

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Shopper's guide: find health aids, new products, and gift ideas - The catalog special offersEnergize your home and plants with the Hermetic Spice Garden HF300. Grow your kitchen spices indoors, all year long. Beautiful 24" long, 18" wide, and 27" tall indoor spice garden with polycarbonate canopy and

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Shopper's guide: find health aids, new products,and gift ideas - The catalog of special offersExperience nature's healing wonders - Mineral Therapy, Herb Therapy and Aromatherapy. This exclusive collection of Dead Sea Mineral bath