Work with your Doctor to Find a Hair Loss Solution

If you are looking for a hair loss solution that is going to be effective, you may want to start out by visiting a doctor. You can contact your family physician to schedule a visit or to get a referral to a dermatologist. Your family physician may also recommend a treatment instead of referring you to a dermatologist. A lot of people are also teaming up with doctors who specialize in hair loss.

These doctors may do nothing more than consult with people who are looking for a hair loss solution. Sometimes these doctors even offer a free consultation just to get you in the door. You may also want to contact a dermatologist, as they often specialize in the care of scalp and skin, and will surely be able to provide you with a couple of tips for your situation.

All situations are different and you would be wise in consulting a professional to determine your specific cause of hair loss and to learn of the preferred treatment. Meeting with your family doctor may be the way to go if you are embarrassed about your hair loss situation. You have probably been seeing him or her for a couple of years and he is well-aware of your medical history, including extraneous factors that could be precipitating the balding. He should be able to do a quick examination and then refer you to a specialist if needed. As I mentioned above, your family physician can often times recommend a treatment or write you a prescription if one is warranted in your particular situation. Contacting a professional who is an expert in hair loss may be a good idea if you are beyond the beginning stages, and are becoming desperate for a hair loss solution.

These doctors specialize in finding the best hair loss solution for each patient. They have also seen a lot of different cases. On the negative side, these doctors are hard to come by, and some of them may not be as experienced as your family doctor. A dermatologist specializes in treating the skin and scalp. They will be able to examine your scalp and provide you with a detailed prognosis.

A dermatologist may also be able to prescribe a shampoo as a hair loss solution; however, some dermatologists may not have a lot of information regarding some of the newest techniques in the field, including hair transplantation. To find a good hair loss solution, you should consult one or all three of the doctors listed above to get an initial assessment.

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