Timing is Everything Choosing the Right Time to Have Breast Augmentation

The decision to have breast implants placed into your body should not be taken lightly. Deciding when to have the breast surgery should be a part of your overall thought process on the subject. Are there times that are better than others in a woman's life? Indeed, there are certainly better times than others for breast augmentation. Honolulu's best plastic surgeon will be able to discuss all of the pros and cons with you regarding this important issue. Finish Growing Young girls should not get breast implants, and neither should older teenagers.

You need to give your body time to grow to its adult size before you decide that you don't like the size of your breasts and want larger ones. Some girls have breasts that grow slowly, making them late bloomers. Other girls appear to be finished developing by age 18 and then their breasts go through another growth spurt.

Be patient with yourself and give your body the time to grow, develop, and take shape before you decide to alter it. The one exception to this rule is girls who have a deformed breast, or girls who have suffered damage to their breasts as the result of an accident. You also need to be mature enough to make a life altering decision, such as whether or not to get breast implants.

Plastic surgery carries as many potential risks and complications as every other type of surgery and should never be taken lightly. Pregnancy Breast implants are for women who have finished having children, as opposed to those who have yet to have them. If your childbearing years are just upon you, or if you plan to have more children, hold off on thoughts of breast augmentation until pregnancies are well behind you. Getting pregnant and giving birth causes the breasts to change in size and shape as the mammary glands enlarge. Being pregnant will also cause your skin to swell and stretch. If you have breast implants before you have your children, you may need to alter them again afterwards, due to the fact that they may not return to the shape they were before the pregnancy.

Lifestyle What type of lifestyle do you live? If you are involved in a number of activities, you will need to plan your operation around these activities. You must also calculate in the length of time it will take you to recover. If you are a student, you will need to book your breast surgery during one of your breaks, such as your winter break or over the summer. If you work, then you will need to take time off in order to have the surgery, as well as to recuperate sufficiently. You will only need to take a few days off to have the surgery and begin to heal; however, you will be sore for a number of weeks and therefore will have to adjust your schedule accordingly. Individuals who work out at the gym on a regular basis will have to forego their rigorous workouts until they are completely healed and instead opt for taking walks and light activities.

If you enjoy seasonal activities, then schedule your surgery for your off season. For example, swimmers or those who enjoy boating and other summer activities would be well advised to plan their breast surgery for the autumn or winter months. Good Health It is imperative that you are in good health when you decide to undergo a breast implant surgery.

Schedule an appointment with your medical doctor for a complete physical before you have a consultation with Honolulu's best plastic surgeon. Being in top notch health is less likely to bring about complications. This will also ensure that your recovery period goes more smoothly. A breast augmentation surgery by a Honolulu plastic surgeon can significantly increase your confidence. When your breast implants are placed during an optimal time in your life, you ensure greater, positive, long-term results.

Learn more about the advanced breast augmentation methodologies utilized by Honolulu's best plastic surgeon, Dr. Rizzo, who has decades of trail-blazing expertise in Hawaii plastic surgery.

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