The Safest Workout Schedule

Most beginners who are very enthusiastic about muscle building prefer to go to the gym and workout on all the 7 days of a week. They feel that they can build powerful muscles only if they slog everyday at the gym and train all their muscles daily. But this is a completely wrong notion.

You must realize that if you continue with your daily gym schedule and rigorous workouts on all the 7 days of a week, your muscles can get over-strained and you could end up losing all the lean muscle mass that you have in your body. Therefore, your body needs proper diet as well as sufficient rest in addition to rigorous workouts in order to repair, recover, replenish and grow the muscles that have been damaged during workouts. Therefore, instead of going to the gym on all the 7 days of a week, you must workout just 3 times per week and take 2 days of complete rest in between subsequent workouts.

Focus on just one part of your body on one day of the week and allow it to rest for the rest of the week, while you shift your focus to workout other parts of your body. Listen to your body and do not exert a muscle too much if it is sore. You can either begin your workouts about one hour prior to your dinner, or during the late afternoon. However, most people prefer to begin their day with early morning workouts.

You must avoid working out during very hot or humid weather, or within two hours after taking you meal. You must set your fitness goals and plan your workout schedule considering your age, health, and requirement. An optimal workout schedule for an average, healthy person with medium fitness goals should include 5 to 10 minutes of warm-up exercises daily which can include walking, spot jogging, knee lifts, or arm and trunk rotations. You need to follow this up with exercises for developing muscular strength and endurance.

This includes two weight lifting sessions per week, each of 20 minutes duration for developing muscular strength of all the major muscle groups in the body and three sessions for building muscular endurance per week, each of 30 minutes duration, including exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, and calisthenics. This should be followed by exercises such as walking, jogging, swimming, or skipping to improve your cardio-respiratory endurance. Three sessions of cardio exercises per week, each of 20 minute duration, for improving the cardio-respiratory endurance should be sufficient. Follow your cardio exercises with about 10 minutes of stretching exercises, while taking care to avoid bouncing movements and jerky actions. These stretching exercises aid in improving the muscle flexibility.

Follow this up with cooling down exercises to complete your workout schedule.

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