Procedure of Liposuction for Face Lift Is It Safe

Having a perfect body with a perfect glowing face is the wish of every man in today's world. No matter their age or sex, everyone wants to look younger and beautiful. Gone are the day's when the age would not only affect the looks of a person but also their mental stability. Today, everything has changed altogether.

Age is no longer a barrier for people to look stunning and gorgeous like before. All this is made easier and more possible due to the new upcoming technologies. Liposuction, plastic surgery for your body and face etc. are just a few of those technologies that are extensively used to reduce the extra fat or skin from the body which would thus help you to look younger and very much in shape. The face lifts are very common for the actors working in theaters or in movies as they have to look young and charming throughout their tenure as an actor. Slowly it also got recognition amongst the general public and thus happened to get very famous.

What is liposuction? Technically liposuction is a fat withdrawal procedure that can be performed on most of the parts of our body which include the thighs, waist and face or chin. Procedure of liposuction for face lift: " A local anesthesia is given generally with oral sedation that helps the patient relax during the facelift. " A small incision is made along the hair line just above the ears of the patient. This incision extends down to the front edge of the ear near the earlobe and then back to the hair line from the backside of the ear.

This long incision is made such that it remains veiled from the eyes of people. This incision is made on both the sides of the face for causing equal constrains so that the face looks balanced from both the sides. " After the incisions are made, the surgeon separates the layer of skin from that of the underlying tissues. Slowly he moves down to the cheek, the neck and the chin region. " After the layers are separated, the fat deposited in these regions is removed using the Liposuction. This tightens the skin and the tissues of the face and the chin area thus making the patients look younger than their age.

" After the liposuction is done, the excess skin is cut and is pulled by the surgeon who finally again re-drapes it by either stitches or staples. " Finally the face is bandaged properly to avoid the complications like "Wheaton formation". Also some care should be taken to get the best results from the face lift. Safety: The method is considered to be safe while using the general anesthesia. But certain crucial points should be kept in mind while performing the facelift method.

" The procedure is very smooth when the anesthesia is given by a certified anesthesiologist. " Also it should be preferred not to perform any other related surgeries. " The blood pressure and the other necessities should also be checked before starting the procedure. " Personal information of the patient like allergies to certain drugs etc should also be checked before the facelift. Thus before getting a facelift done, make sure that all the necessary precautions are taken for the well being of the patient.

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