Levitra vs Generic Viagra Information Vardenafil vs Sildenafil

Generic levitra contains vardenafil, a drug substance developed to get and maintain erections. Men who have tried this product reported to be successful in performing better sexual activity. It can be useful for men who need only some help to improve impotence or for those who often requires a drug therapy support. Generic Viagra contains sildenafil. This drug substance is renowned all over the world because it was launched in 1998 and since then it is known as the wonder drug to help impotent men.

What will happen if we compare them? Levitra vs Generic Viagra will win the battle because they are both reliable, safe and effective. Levitra vs Generic Viagra effectiveness has been proved in volunteers during clinical studies and in men who trusted them after launch. Levitra vs Generic Viagra are taken about one hour before sex. All impotence drug should be taken no more then once a day.

Talk to your doctor and decide which of them will win the battle against Erectile Dysfunction in your case.

Generic Viagra contains sildenafil.
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