Diabetes Mellitus A Disease That is Worth Knowing About

Diabetes mellitus can also be referred to as 'diabetes'. Experts feel that this is a syndrome that can be characterized by abnormal levels of blood sugar and disordered metabolism. The disease results from reduced levels of the hormone insulin with or without resistance of the body towards effects of insulin. The symptoms of existence of this disease include frequent urination, increase fluid intake, weight loss, blurred vision and lethargy or fatigue. One may not experience these symptoms if the blood sugar is only mildly increased.

A) There are three primary forms of diabetes as mentioned below: a) Type1 diabetes b) Type2 diabetes c) Type 3 diabetes or gestational All the above mentioned three types of diabetes are caused by different reasons. The main reason for occurrence of the above mentioned three types of diabetes remains inability of pancreas's beta cells to produce adequate insulin in order to prevent triggering of the condition known as hypoglycemia. B) The cause, however are different for the occurrence of all three types of diabetes. a) Type1 diabetes: This occurs due to destruction of autoimmune tendency of pancreatic beta cells.

b) Type2 diabetes: The disease can be easily characterized by resistance of insulin in tissues. This results in the requirement for higher amounts of insulin. The final result is diabetes that develops when beta cells are not able to meet the demand of insulin amount. c) Gestational diabetes: It is quite similar to type2 diabetes. When it comes to involving resistance of insulin, the hormones of pregnancy can also result in resistance of insulin.

This type of diabetes usually gets resolved as soon as the birth of baby takes place. Type1 and Type2 diabetes are chronic conditions. There is no permanent cure for these conditions.

The treatment of diabetes can be done only via injecting insulin. Experts mean that dietary factors and certain lifestyle changes are also required for better treatment effects. When it comes to Type2 diabetes the management of the disease can be effectively done via combining dietary treatment, injections, tablets and insulin supplements.

The production of insulin is from natural sources like porcine pancreas. However, most insulin widely used these days are produced via genetic engineering. This is either done as a direct copy of human insulin or same insulin in conjunction with modified molecules that provide different onset and action duration. The same insulin can also be obtained via a specialized pump that provides insulin via changeable catheter.

All three types of diabetes have certain signs and symptoms so that one can identify the disease in the body. C) Here are some of the signs and symptoms of diabetes to facilitate you to detect the traces of this disease as early as possible. a) Rapid weight loss can be seen in Type1 diabetes. b) Type2 diabetes can be characterized by changes in the shaped of the lenses of the eyes and blurred vision.

c) People with Type1 diabetes may also suffer from diabetic ketoacidosis or DKA. It is an extreme state of metabolic dysregulation. It is usually characterized by a typical smell of acetone in the patient's breath. d) Other symptoms include polyuria, Kussmaul breathing, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and several states of consciousness or arousal. In certain severe cases, coma may also follow leading to death. Remember that it is very important to treat diabetes mellitus to avoid serious health complications.

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