California Acne treatment

Now you need not worry about unsightly acne, painful cysts, blemishes or acne scars. If you wish to find the best California acne treatment, you have a wide option of medical and cosmetic consultants in the state. Acne occurs when the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands in the skin clogs the pores and becomes a destination for bacterial infections. Due to the infection, there is inflammation of skin resulting in pimples and zits. Untreated acne worsens and the sight of spreading pimples and blemishes can be distressing. If you wish to tackle acne, you need to be aware of a few things about prevention and treatment.

Most adolescents are prone to acne due to the hormonal changes of the growth spurt period. Under the influence of hormones, there is excess secretion of oil to maintain the skins elastic properties. As you grow into adulthood, there is a tapering off in the hormone levels and acne usually disappears. Adverse external factors like dust, pollution, chemicals, unhealthy diet and obesity aggravate acne. So, to prevent acne you need to familiarize a few good habits. Wash your face and other exposed parts often especially after you have been out in the sun, with warm water and a mild soap.

Never rub vigorously and gently dab. Use a mild cleanser regularly to open up the pores and moisturize to nourish the skin. Avoid make up with harsh chemicals and remove as soon as possible. Never retire for the day with make up on. Eat a diet rich in nutrients. Avoid fatty, fried foods, coffee, tea, alcohol and aerated drinks.

Include plenty of wholegrain foods like wheat germ, oatmeal and sprouts. The fiber in these foods prevents constipation and detoxifies the blood. This also leads to better absorption of nutrients. Eat zinc-rich foods like apple and fig. Keep dandruff at bay.

If indeed your acne does not seem to diminish, you need to consult a dermatologist. You need not worry about finding the best California acne treatment. There are many state-of-the-art facilities that offer holistic treatment in a spa-like ambience. You can get rid of acne in complete convenience and absolute privacy. The most popular option would be to receive prescription drugs.

These work where over-the-counter medications have failed. They seek to absorb excess oil, prevent secretion of oil and dry up the pimples without affecting the adjoining tissue. Laser treatment is the most preferred method for those with chronic and painful acne. California acne treatment facilities offer the most scientific and permanent solution to your acne problems. An intense focused light set to a specific wavelength kills the bacteria and prevents oil secretion.

There is very little or nil recovery time and you can get back to work very soon.

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