Botox Side Effects

Everyone knows about Botox. However, not everyone knows the properties of Botox, the functions and the side effects. All we know is that Botox can helps to make us look younger and no wrinkles. Botox is a trademark name given to describe the toxin injection treatment used to treat medical conditions and cosmetic conditions. The toxin is known as Botulinum that is derived from the bacteria Clostridia.

Botox is a extremely poisonous and it is naturally produced. However, with a small amount of Botox can help to treat many types of conditions. The most popular treatment among the many treatments available would be to erase facial and neck wrinkles. Usually it is injected in between the eyebrows, forehead, deep neck and crow's feet beside the eyes. The area you should avoid is the mouth area as if injected in the area you will have difficulty in speaking and eating. The injection is a very simple procedure and there is no need for anaesthesia.

Botox is extremely powerful and effective in treating wrinkles but there is a very high price to pay, not only the money but also the side effects. So what are the side effects? There are so many side effects using Botox but there are also many people choose to undergo this treatment despite being extremely expensive and have many side effects. After injecting Botox into the treatment area, you will experience pain and bruising.

After a while, you will have a temporary facial droop if the Botox is used to treat more muscle than it is supposed to treat. Later on, you will experience headache such as migraine and nausea. Of course, these are very uncomfortable side effects you will have to bear if you choose to accept Botox treatment.

However, depending on the individuals, the side effects can be different. There are some other side effects as well being reported though not everyone experience the same side effects. More rare and severe side effects include paralysis of the body. Usually this only happens if you have been injected with fake or unapproved Botox. Others would be allergic reactions to the poison, flu-like syndromes, muscle weakness and facial paralysis.

Some of them also experience blepharospasm or in other words, involuntary blinkings and excessive sweating. However, most of the side effects will wear off after 6 weeks of injection. Botox when used in a small quantity usually has a very low toxicity. However, there are people urging the FDA to regulate the spread of Botox to avoid being misused or overdosed.

Overdosed in Botox usually fatal to the person thus it can be very dangerous when dealing with Botox treatment. The quantity used in the treatment must be precise. In case of overdosage in Botox treatment, then special treatment of antitoxin combined with artificial ventilation will be needed as usually it affects the paralysis of respiratory muscles. If the treatment is given on time, then there will be chances of surviving otherwise there will be death. The recovery might takes up to months in the process.

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